Christopher Wintle:
Towards a Poetics of Music and the Arts


Ana Maria Pacheco:
Works with Music

edited by Julian Littlewood
London, Plumbago / Boydell & Brewer, 2005,

72 pp. 0-9540123-9-9. RRP: £5.99, paperback only. Publication: July 2005.

Our specialist times have left little room for the age-old view that, however transmuted, the issues of art and life belong together, or that, for all their differences, the arts have shared concerns: yet realism demands just such an outlook. Towards a Poetics of Music and the Arts is an informal attempt to re-open closed borders by an established writer on music, Christopher Wintle. Through a host of aphorisms and thoughts it first probes people, politics, learning and the Gods. It then sketches out a Poetics in terms of style and idea, artists, critics, theory, performers, ethics, opera, sculpture, cinema and sport, before ending with a pair of Urban Fables. The volume includes a collection of Works with Music by the well-known Brazilian artist Ana Maria Pacheco. It is dedicated to the memory of Hans Keller.


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