Music Manuscript Paper

Suitable for Voice-leading Analysis
and Musical Composition


comprising 25 sheets of 4 two-stave systems
and 5 sheets of 3 three-stave systems


© London, Plumbago, 2004; ISBN 0-9540123-5-6
published in association with the Department of Music, King’s College London

Plumbago Books and Arts is proud to present its new A3 pads of Music Manuscript Paper suitable for Voice-leading (Schenkerian) Analysis and Musical Composition. Each pad contains 30 sheets, 25 of which contain 4 systems of two staves and 5 of which contain 3 systems of three staves.

The pads, which have been designed by Christopher Wintle and Julian Littlewood, are available at £4.95 from the following stores:

More outlets will be added during Autumn 2004.

For further information, or enquiries about bulk orders with bespoke branding, please email


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